Welcome to the NAP Challenge

Take the New American Plate Challenge and you will:

  • Lower your risk of cancer and chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease
  • Make lifestyle changes to support a healthy weight
  • Have more energy and feel better
  • Gain more strength, flexibility and endurance

Take the Challenge if you want to:

  • Learn to eat a healthy, flexible plant-based diet
  • Become more physically active
  • Model a healthy lifestyle for your family
  • Complement your current healthy weight/ lifestyle program

The New American Plate Challenge Program – Fall 2019

During Fall 2019 (beginning September 23), the NAP Challenge program will be led by the NAPC dietitians through the private Facebook group. Any Facebook user can join by sending a request from the Subscribe to Facebook form.

You can also simply access all of the weekly challenges, including the each week’s tips, videos and quizzes at any time throughout the 12 weeks.

Gather friends and family to do the challenges as a group, or create your own personal program with the weekly challenges. Tackle one weekly eat smart or move more challenge during the 12 weeks using the information on this website, including:

  • Tips, tools, recipes and more to help you succeed
  • Support from the Challenge dietitians at the private Facebook community group

Join the thousands who have already taken the Challenge and are now eating smarter and moving more. Put into action AICR’s Cancer Prevention Recommendations – a blueprint for healthy living to reduce the risk of cancer!

AICR is in the process of improving and updating the NAP Challenge program.
To stay updated on the new program launch, sign up here to receive information on the new Challenge!