Week 11: Mix It UP & Be FITT

Mixing It Up for Cancer Prevention

This week you’ll move more with something old or something new – or both! If your motivation is lagging to be active for at least 30-60 minutes every day, trying new things or rediscovering a fun activity can help keep it all fresh and enjoyable.

Adding UP: I will spend 30 minutes doing new physical activities 3 days this week.

  • Find classes for swimming, tennis or pilates at the local community or rec center or the Y.
  • Turn on your favorite energizing music at home and dance!

Step UP: I will take 4,000 steps while doing new physical activities 3 days this week.

  • Go on a local nature walk. With beautiful surroundings, you’ll boost steps quickly without even noticing!
  • Clip your fitness tracker/pedometer on your shoes to register “steps” and go for a bike ride.

Conquer this Challenge

Try something new. There are lots of fun ways to exercise and plenty of motivating instructors to lead you.

  • Check out the group exercise schedule at your health club and give a new class (or two!) a try. If you don’t belong to a health club, try a church or school – many offer various fitness and dance classes.
  • Start with the basics. Trying a new activity means learning new skills. Be sure to take time to learn the basics of whatever new activity you choose before you push yourself too hard.

Be a kid again. Remember what you loved to do as a kid? Young adult? Try that activity again! Chances are it will be as much fun as you remember.

  • Get a jump rope, hula hoop or skates. You may need to ease back into it slowly, but you may be surprised how quickly the rhythm comes back.
  • If you played a sport as a kid, look for opportunities to assist coaches or teachers in local leagues. It may help you get out there with the kids and move a little more.

Strengthen Your Upper Body While Microwaving Popcorn


Mix It Up with a Partner – A Duo Workout with Katie & Denise!


Strategies to use this week

  • Ask a friend. Find out what your neighbors or colleagues do to keep active and ask if you can join them during their next workout.
  • Set your timer at work for mini breaks every hour or so. Do strength exercises with 2-5 pound hand weights or try this:  1-Minute Exercises: Resistance Training Video.
  • Be Courageous. Don’t be shy. Trying something new can be intimidating, but don’t let that stop you. Ask for help if you have a question.
  • Check local listings. You can find several different workout programs on TV (either live or on demand) or rent or borrow workout videos from the library.
  • Look for a group. Communities are filled with activity groups: walking, biking, hiking, rowing just to name a few. Check local community boards, Internet sites, or local paper to find one you might like to try.
  • Have fun. Physical activity should be FUN! Choose activities you enjoy. The more you like what you are doing, the more you’ll keep active.


Food and Cooking Safety

NAPC Cooking:  Check out the NAP Challenge Cooking Resources page. Clean-Separate-Cook-Chill – a food safety mantra for your kitchen

Dig Deeper

Do you know about the FITT Principle? It applies to all types of physical activity: aerobic, strength and flexibility. Use the FITT Principle to help guide your activity routine.

  • Frequency – Plan to walk or do aerobic activities at least 5 days a week. Work towards doing strength activities 2-3 times per week and flexibility (stretching) activities 5-7 days per week.
  • Intensity – Aim to do moderate-to-vigorous intensity activities every day. Remember to use the “Talk Test” from Challenge 5 to help you gauge your intensity level.
  • Type – Mix It Up! Include cardiovascular activities such as brisk walking, dancing, swimming, and playing soccer, basketball; strength activities such as lifting weights, using resistance bands or doing push ups; and flexibility activities such as bending and touching your toes, reaching for the sky, and stretching from side to side.
  • Time – Shoot for 60! For cancer prevention and to achieve and maintain your weight loss goals, work toward 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity activities five or more days each week. Remember, exercise may be divided into shorter periods.

  • Eating out at special gatherings? Check out  our tips to enjoy what’s offered.
  • This week’s whole grains – Rye and Triticale! Check out how to add these whole grains to your New American Plate and cereal bowl.

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