Week 8: Make Time for Break Time

Sit Less, Move More

This week you’ll add fun activity breaks throughout the day. Emerging evidence suggests that too much sitting and long periods of being sedentary may increase your risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and weight gain. It’s simple to break up that time.

Add UP: I will replace 10 minutes of sitting with 10 minutes of activity breaks everyday this week.

  • Take mini-activity breaks when watching television or reading for 1, 2, 5 or 10 minutes.
  • Stand up and use light hand weights while reading emails or talking on the phone.

Step UP: I will replace 10 minutes of sitting with 1,000 steps everyday this week.

  • Walk around while waiting for appointments or picking someone up.
  • Walk or run on a treadmill while watching television or using electronic devices. Combine screen time with activity.
  • Deliver messages in person instead of sending emails and texts and phoning.

Conquer this Challenge

Turn sitting and sedentary situations into active ones – engage in couch potato therapy. Find opportunities throughout the day to get up and move more!

  • Use cues such as commercial breaks, program changes, new chapters and half-hour intervals to take activity breaks.
  • Take short walks to refresh your energy and relieve stress.

Make time for break time every hour of sitting with at least 1 to 2 minutes of activity.

  • Stand up to use light hand weights kept by your chair or sofa.
  • Use your stretch bands to do these 1-Minute Exercises
  • Take short walks to refresh your energy and relieve stress.

Core Basics and Back Stretches While Watching TV!


10-Minute Break Time Workout!


Strategies to use this week

  • Get off the bus one stop (or two, or three stops…) earlier.
  • Walk or bike to work at least once a week if possible.
  • Run errands by walking or biking instead of driving, especially if destinations are less than one mile away.
  • Park farther away from where you are going to fit in extra minutes of walking and steps. Be mindful of safety too.
  • Take stairs or walk up escalators at work, at the mall, etc. Start by climbing as many flights as you can before riding elevators or escalators. You’ll burn approximately 10 calories per flight of stairs.
  • Set the timer on your computer, phone or watch to alert you hourly to stand up and be active. Here’s a fun 3-Minute Office Workout video.

Make Time for Break Time

Making Pre-packaged Meals and Snacks
NAPC Cooking:  Check out the NAP Challenge Cooking Resources page. Save money and eat nutritiously when away from home with our pre-packed meals and snacks.

Dig Deeper

Sitting risks. Even if you are physically active and at a healthy weight, there are health risks associated with prolonged sitting. Recent research suggests that key indicators of cancer risk are lower when sitting is interrupted with 1 to 2 minute activity breaks.

Planned activity is great, but those minutes are just a small part of your total waking hours. Find 10 minutes where you can convert sitting and sedentary moments into active ones.

At Home:

  • Get up to change television channels. Keep the remote by the television.
  • Increase the intensity of your activity bursts: run in place, dance, do jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, chair calisthenics or kettle ball exercises.
  • Be active around the house. Yard work and housework such as raking, weeding, dusting, sweeping, vacuuming and scrubbing count as physical activity.

At Work:

  • Do chair exercises at your desk like leg lifts.
  • Use office or cubicle walls for simple vertical push-ups and stretches.
  • Intensify break time: install a pull-up bar to do pull ups and chin ups, play nerf basketball and do pushups.
  • Schedule walking meetings with coworkers, clients and fellow volunteers.

During Travel:

  • Get out of the car periodically to stretch, shake out your arms and legs and walk.
  • Do leg lifts, stand, stretch and walk while on an airplane, train or boat when possible.
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