Week 9 Shopping List

Shopping List for Week 9 Menu


Use this shopping list to help you plan your grocery shopping trip.  This list is based on this week’s Menu and Recipes.  Use the Recipe Key to disregard any ingredients from any particular recipe you do not wish to create.


CGT – Cinnamint Green Tea

SIW – Strawberry and Mint Infused Water

AC – Iced Almond Chai

RO- Rhubarb & Orange Refresher

TWHC – Three-Ways Hot Chocolate

SCG – Sparkling Cranberry-Green Tea with Citrus



Raw vegetables for omelet, salad topping, dinner side and snacking (suggestions include broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, etc.)

Fresh fruit, at least 4 pieces or 2-3 cups

Strawberries, fresh, ½ cup sliced (SIW)

Lemon, 1 (IW)

Lime, 2 (SCG)

Prepared salad

Rhubarb, 3 cups (RO)


Grains and Lentils/Beans

Whole-grain English Muffins

Whole-grain bread

Whole-grain crackers

Wild rice or quinoa

Whole-wheat pasta



Fish or boneless, skinless chicken breast, 4 oz. raw per serving

Tuna or salmon, canned



Eggs, 2 eggs per omelet

Egg whites, dried (TWHC)

Cheese, reduced-fat

Yogurt, reduced-fat or fat-free

Cottage cheese, reduced-fat, low-sodium

Almond milk, 1 1/3 cups (AC)

Milk, low-fat or skim, 2 cups (TWHC)



Soup of your choice, 1 cup per serving (suggest bean, split pea, etc)

Dried fruit of your choice, 2 Tbsp.

Marinara sauce

Green tea, regular or decaffeinated, 5 bags (CGT, SCG)

Orange juice, 1 cup (RO)

Black teabags, 3 (AC)

Chai teabags, 3 (AC)

Mint teabags, 2 (SCG)

Agave syrup, preferably dark (AC, RO)

Club soda, 1 cup (SCG)

Dry milk powder, nonfat, instant (TWHC)

Sugar (TWHC)



Apple juice concentrate (CGT)

Cranberry juice concentrate, ½ cup (SCG)

Orange juice concentrate, ¼ cup (SCG)



Peanut butter or other nut butter

Salad dressing of your choice (suggest vinegar and oil)



Mint, 1 bunch about 30-40 springs (CGT, SIW, RO, SCG)

Cinnamon sticks, 5 (CGT, AC)

Cinnamon, ground (TWHC)

Allspice, ground (TWHC)

Cloves, ground (TWHC)

Ginger, ground (TWHC)

Ginger, 1-2 thin slices (CGT)

Cardamom pods, 3 green (AC)

Whole cloves, 2 (AC)

Anise seed, ½ tsp. (AC)

Black peppercorns, 1 tsp. (AC)