Week 9: Refresh and Relax with Better Beverages

Drink to Your Healthy Weight

It’s simple. Too many sugary drinks means too many extra calories. And that can lead to excess body fat, which increases risk for many cancers, heart disease and diabetes.

  • Sugary drinks. Say sayonara to sugar in soda, juice flavored drinks, and super sweetened coffee and tea beverages and instead drink water, tea, coffee and milk.

Alcohol-containing beverages are also high in calories and alcohol itself increases cancer risk.

  • Alcohol. Refresh and relax with bubbly “fizzers” made without alcohol and spritzers made with a splash of your favorite wine or liquor.

Conquer this challenge:  Slim down your glass

Stock up on delicious, calorie free drinks

  • Buy seltzer water, club soda, and sparkling mineral water
  • Stock up on teas like white, green, oolong, black, white, herbal and rooibos (bagged or loose)
  • Purge pantry of all soda, pop, colas and sweetened beverages

Choose nutritious, low calorie beverages

  • Drink skim or reduced-fat milk
  • Try calcium-fortified and unsweetened plant milks like soy, almond and rice milks (almond and rice milks are low in satiating protein)
  • Limit 100 percent fruit juice to 1/2 cup portion daily
  • Enjoy a couple cups of coffee or several cups of your favorite tea. Limit added sugar, honey or other sweetener to 1 teaspoon per cup.

3 Stretches for Healthy Knees!

6-Minute Easy Yoga Workout with Denise and Katie Austin!


Strategies to use this week

    • Enjoy new teas with healthful afternoon snacks, like fruit, whole-grain crackers or a handful of nuts. Learn more about tea.
    • Coffee has been linked to lower risk for endometrial and liver cancer.  Both regular and decaffeinated may offer benefits. Some people do not tolerate coffee well and too much can interfere with sleep. Learn more about coffee.
    • In coffee shops, order lattes, hot or cold, coffee or chai, with skim or 1 percent milk and no more than 1 teaspoon sweetener per cup, if using.
    • Avoid “fruit drinks” and “functional waters” such as sports drinks and vitamin waters with added sugar.
    • Make alcohol-free Fizzers with carbonated waters and a splash of 100 percent fruit juice. For delicious ideas, see our “Spice Up Your Water” article.
    • Concoct low-alcohol Spritzers with a splash of wine or liquor.

Making Better Beverages
NAPC Cooking:  Check out the NAP Challenge Cooking Resources page. Trade sugar-loaded beverages for infused waters and cocktails for mocktails.

Dig Deeper

      • Limiting alcohol also curtails calories, which helps whittle away your waistline.
      • In addition, avoiding or limiting alcohol lowers risk for breast cancer, the most common type of cancer and second leading cause of cancer death in women, and colorectal cancer, the third most common cancer in both men and women.
      • Alcohol increases risk for cancers of the mouth, throat, esophagus, and liver. Scientists are still researching how alcohol causes cancer. One theory is that alcohol directly damages our DNA, increasing our risk of cancer. Research shows that alcohol is particularly harmful when combined with smoking.

Cheers to Better Beverages and weekly challenges becoming lifelong healthy habits!


Cheers to Better Beverages and weekly challenges becoming lifelong healthy habits!
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