New American Plate Challenge

Week 4

Fall Harvest Salad

This hearty fall salad is the perfect one-pan medley of winter squash, crunchy kale and spiced chickpeas, all roasted to perfection. By roasting all on one pan, you’ll cut time and clean-up while combining tons of cancer-fighting foods. Substitute any winter squash, root vegetable or bean for the ingredients below for a truly versatile dinner that celebrates the season.

Popcorn Trail Mix

Trail mix recipes are very versatile and can fit many taste preferences.  Make sure to add a variety of high fiber dry cereals, dried fruit, nuts and seeds.  Watch the portion of this yummy snack!

N-R-G Trail Mix Snack

When you’re hiking, camping or just going on a long walk or bike ride, bring some healthy trail mix to keep your energy flowing.

Winter Veggie Pita Pizza

Healthy pizza really does exist. The key is using whole grains, going easy on the cheese, and loading up on cancer-fighting veggies. Whole-wheat pitas keep prep time short and portion size realistic. You can use any in-season vegetables, but this version features spiced butternut squash and roasted Brussels sprouts. Top with crunchy pecans and fresh sage for a simple, savory winter dinner.

Sweet Potato and Spinach Turkey Burgers

The secret to these flavorful turkey burgers is the aromatic combination of fresh herbs, onion, and garlic mixed with mashed sweet potato and spinach. Filled with extra veggies, this burger makes following AICR’s recommendations to eat more plant foods and less red meat easy to follow. Plus the fresh herbs are loaded with an abundance of phytochemicals that promote good health and may help prevent inflammation.

Millet with Kale and Corn

Millet is a remarkably versatile grain that you will love! It cooks quickly, like quinoa, and pairs well with many different additives.  This colorful dish is great as an entree or a side.


Try this versatile gingersnap recipe for a flavorful, spicy cookie.  Whole-wheat flour and earthy spices provide additional cancer-fighting nutrients that many cookie recipes lack.