New American Plate Challenge

Week 9

Superfood Smoothie Bowl

This super easy and simple smoothie bowl is filled with tons of amazing superfoods and customizable toppings that you just can’t resist. It’s a healthy and easy way to turn a smoothie into a meal in just 10 minutes!

Chai Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Looking to spice up your breakfast? Try this blend of quinoa and chai spices for a fun and healthy marriage of non-traditional breakfast ingredients.

Muddled Mojito Water

Muddling is a technique bartenders use to help release the flavor of drink components, usually fruits, herbs and spices. Muddling is similar to using a mortar and pestle in cooking. It’s great for bringing out the flavor in something without the use of heat.

Rhubarb and Orange Refresher

Cool off with this unique rhubarb infusion. This vegetable carries the tart bite of lemons and pairs well with sweet fruits like oranges and strawberries. It contains vitamins A, C and fiber as well as lutein and zeaxanthin, two phytochemicals that fall into the carotenoid family and have antioxidant properties.

Strawberry Mint Infused Water

We get it – plain water can seem boring. Wow your taste buds without all the added calories by infusing water with strawberries and mint.


Fresh ginger has a spicy and refreshing taste that can be made into tea to calm an upset stomach, as folk remedies claim. Make extra Ginger-Ade to sip as a pick-me-up or hot toddy before bed.

Iced Almond Chai

Chai is spiced tea that will satisfy your urge for bold flavor.  Chai can be served hot or iced.  Use flavorful spices to boost your cancer protection from this fantastic beverage.

Perfect Cold-Brew Iced Coffee

Coffee keeps making news with its ever-growing list of health benefits. Inspired by AICR reports that link coffee with lower risk for several cancers, possibly due to its many natural protective substances, this recipe is one to try!

Three-Ways Hot Cocoa Mix

Tis’ the season for delicious hot cocoa next to a cozy fire.  Use this hot cocoa base recipe to make three different types of steaming hot sweetness.