Meet the NAP Challenge Dietitians

Dori MitchellDori Mitchell, MS, RDN

AICR’s New American Plate Challenge is an empowering, fun, health education program. I was thrilled to help develop and launch the program with our first group of successful participants and lead the thousands more who have participated since. Our feedback surveys show that participants develop more plant-focused eating habits, lose weight and become more active – all of which are important for cancer prevention and survivorship.

As part of AICR’s nutrition education team since the founding of AICR, I keep up with the ever emerging cancer prevention and survivorship research and enjoy answering the public’s nutrition questions on AICR’s nutrition hotline. My mother died of lung cancer, so I can relate to the fears and frustrations of those who ask for AICR’s guidance. I find contributing to AICR’s education materials and programs especially satisfying because I know how much reliable, science-based information can help those with cancer and their families have a sense of control over their health. I look forward to working with you during the NAP Challenge. Be sure to join the members-only, private NAP Challenge Facebook group after you register so we can connect online for extra dietitian coaching.

Angela HummelAngela Hummel MS, RDN, CSO, LDN

I joined AICR as a specialist in oncology nutrition, I am excited to share the message about cancer prevention. Because of my experiences working with cancer patients – both clinical and educational – I am passionate about helping people make positive diet and physical activity changes, whether to reduce cancer risk or for healthier survivorship.

AICR’s New American Plate Challenge is a great way for you to move toward a diet shown to be cancer preventive and to get more active. I’m ready to work with you – to provide support, encouragement and expertise along your weight loss journey.

Alice Bender, MS, RDN

I love helping people find ways to make the healthy choices a little easier in their lives. I’ve been with AICR since 2009, translating the science into practical steps Americans can take to eat smarter, move more and feel better.

We developed AICR’s New American Plate Challenge with you in mind ­showing how you can make simple, every day choices that will help you lose weight and lower your risk for cancer and other chronic diseases. As you try each new challenge, we’ll be with you every step of the way with tips, tools, recipes and support and encouragement. And if you choose to share your journey with other Challengers, you may get even more support and tips to make changes and stick with them.